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  • 05 May 2016
    Fitness Cards EffectThere are only Cheap Fifa Coins six fitness cards into FIFA:Who Needs Fitness CardsWe do not recommend using players with less than fitness points. The ideal is to replace them with others when their fitness is lower than. It is therefore important to have a squad good enough to allow a rotation without much loss of quality. Our fitness guide explains very well how you should manage the fitness of your squad.However, sometimes in specific important matches, it is very useful to recover a crucial member of our team. This is made using fitness cards.   If you have a very good budget and  want to play always with the best eleven, buying fitness cards seems to us a good strategy.In general, it is a waste to buy fitness gold and silver cards to apply a player. It is very uncommon to find a player that needs an improvement of or fitness points, so you should analyse your needs before buying these cards. The bronze individual cards increase the fitness level by 10 points, not counting the possible effect of the staff stored in your club, so they are usually good enough to raise the fitness of your players to the maximum.   Generally speaking, it is better to Buy Fifa 17 Coins Xbox One apply a single squads card than doing it with three or more individual cards. It is cheaper. You will do it only if you do not mind to spend coins with fitness cards, something that is avoidable. If that is your strategy, making the recovery of players exclusively at the expense of those cards, you will have an approximate cost of coins per game.Hello everyone, Ive seen so many posts on some FIFA 16 forums, which named.   How do i defend?, How do i stop the opposing player from walking through my defence? How do I score in this game? And I cant blame you, FIFA 16 is probably the hardest FIFA to date, and it took me a while to get used to it.So I have decided to write a little guide, I made a guide for the new tactical defending when it came out and it was a very popular guide on the forums, so hopefully I can assist some of you. This guide will cover high pressure tactics or any custom settings for the game, this is all about how to play it. I couldnt give you tips on those settings even if I wanted to, because i dont use them. GO TO
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  • 11 Apr 2016
    How cool would it be Cheap Fifa 17 Coins to see Klopp or Van Gaal clutching his notepad in FIFA 17! Maybe see Ryan Giggs sitting there saying nothing or even Martin ONeil legging it down the touchline if Ireland score within the International aspect of FIFA. The issue of managers featuring would be difficult to pull off in respect of licensing but it would be amazing if online updates could keep up with the ever changing managerial merry go round that exist in football.   As FIFA is hyper-realistic, playing the game fuels your desire to maintain your interest in the Premier League. Why not see if the tips and tricks of the game in FIFA can be carried out in real life and you can do this with Coral. Coral is not simply a football based site as you can focus on film, games and is also a Casino Games Site. As a result you can complement your FIFA play with up to date Premiership news.It would also be neat to see flares being released in the crowd and thrown onto the pitch as well as glitches on advertising hoardings and over sensitive stewarding.   Other ideas Buy Fifa 16 PS4 Coins could be the crowd leaving after 85 minutes if their team was comfortably winning! There are so many great ideas out there on the internet to add to this so lets hope that FIFA 17 maintains its winning position in the charts but also continues to please and entertain the fans who purchase it every year.   What about a way to design your own kit and follow the dream that most boys have when following football. If your favourite defender a bit lumbering then why not have the option to tweak their speed? The great aspect of FIFA is that all the players are aligned with real life game physics but it could be neat to have a more arcade aspect to the game.Managers are featured in FIFA 16 but the next step for the series is to seriously invest in featuring managers on the touchline.GO TO
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  • 07 Apr 2016
    PES 2015 was a colossal improvement on the mess that was PES 2014. Fans loved it, critics lavished praise on it, and for many football game fans it pipped EAs FIFA 15 as the Cheap Fifa 16 PS4 Coins best football game of the year. PES is back on top and it needs to stay there.In 2016, EA will be looking to bounce back strongly, so the PES team simply cant afford to rest on their laurels. Someone much smarter than me once said: if you dont move forward, sooner or later you begin to move backward, and that certainly applies here. With that in mind, here are six things that could be improved for PES 2016.   A realistic Master League modeFor a game that is all about simulating the beautiful game on the pitch, its main offline mode is quite the opposite. Like FIFAs Buy Fifa 17 Coins Career Mode, Master League is supposed to make you feel like a manager in between playing matches, but that couldnt be further from the case.Instead youre greeted with an archaic calendar system that lets weeks pass without allowing you to do anything. Theres also an illogical transfer system that consists of smiley faces. Its living in the past, relying on its quirky charm to mask its shortcomings. Were not in 2005 anymore and its time Master League offered something substantial.You know, kind of like FIFA where you actually feel like youre managing a club.   Sometimes, its ok to borrow ideas from the competition. After all, FIFA has done the same in the past.2. Real ball physicsOk, so the ball physics in PES 2015 arent terrible, but the way the ball moves needs looking at. At the moment, theres little variation - you can almost predict the trajectory of a pass or shot before youve let go of the corresponding button. Its something youll notice the more you play PES 2015.Like I said, it doesnt ruin the game, but real ball physics and data would certainly help cement PES 2016 as the football connoisseurs choice. A tricky one to get right without messing things up, but if Konami manage it.   It would be a glorious.3. A proper collision systemAs it stands, there isnt a proper collision system in PES 2015. The way players collide and interact is basic, akin to a couple of action figures coming together. Its not particularly natural and doesnt make PES feel like a proper simulation.As a result, fouls are given when they shouldnt be, or you get away with grievous bodily harm. Its usually one or the other, resulting in immense frustration.If Im being realistic, I dont think were likely to see a sophisticated collision system in PES 2016.GO TO
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  • 14 Apr 2016
    After a turmoil filled few Fifa 17 Coins months during which FUT 15 has hogged the community limelight, its easy to forget that right now, (yes now) we are potentially right on the cusp of the grand unveiling of FIFA 16. Traditionally this happens around May/June time, so with that period looming large, lets take a look at how EA could deliver their best soccer-sim yet with FIFA 16.Improved VisualsFIFA 16 needs to look jaw-dropping and take advantage of what the PS4 can truly offer.   FIFA 15 didnt give Fifa 16 PS4 Coins you that wow factor  too much motion blur and choppiness was of great annoyance. Whilst the presentation does look top quality, there is still massive amounts of room for improvement with player models and gameplay visuals.More Official StadiumsIts not easy to accurately 3D model a stadium. However, EA are starting to grow their catalogue of official stadiums. Every team from the English Premier League featured official stadium status in FIFA 15. Could every stadium from the Spanish league be featured in FIFA 16? Perhaps.   Whatever happens, expect more official stadiums.Realistic ManagersSome managers are very animated whilst others are reserved  this should all be noticeable as youre playing. Its time that managers looked as realistic as they do in real life, along with their personalities and gestures. Take Jose Moreno as an example, he loves to get up and express his anger when things arent going well, and go crazy when his team has scored a goal.   EA may also take the approach of adding a number from all of the mainstream football leagues outside of England: Spain, Germany, Italy and France.Managers can also trigger fan reactions, they sometimes go hand in hand.Realistic CrowdsWhilst the crowds are starting to look better than a bunch of 2D shapes, theres still room for massive improvement.GO TO
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Entertainment 15,206 views May 04, 2016
Known as defensive speed

They will now respond to deviations in the Fifa 16 Coins paintballs flight direction, twisting their bodies in mid-air when it requires a deflection off a lunging defenders knee, jabbing out a leg to convert aside a try that seems to be squirming previous them, and sticking out gloves to palm aside rebounds on the rare occasions the football ball falls kindly to your striker. We want those top players in the whole globe to still encounter deadly, and thats what moments of magic is all about.


You will never see them hurl themselves complete in FIFA 16 to the right of their objective as the football ball trickles into the bottom left-hand place. This is undoubtedly a very essential aspect.That came straight from the feedback we got on the total amount of FIFA 16 and how it easy it was to defeat someone in a 1v1 if you have Bale or Ronald. People knowledgeable that if they skipped a deal with, those guys would be in on objective. 


Fixing the issue of a player beating you  Fifa 17 Points Account like Bale or Ronald is not an effective fix where you just slowly that player down. So we came up confidently in protecting and an element known as defensive speed, which was a total of 15 changes that went in to try and get that 1v1 scenario balanced.I would not be surprised to see other EA Sporting activities incorporate this improved pause display next season. 


Most of time invested in activities is invested enjoying against other humans on the internet. If you eventually execute against me in FIFA or NHL or Madden, please go easy on me. Ive performed enough to confidently say FIFA 16 has the most innovative on the internet technique in any hobby. Its known as Periods, and it mimics the promotion and relegation program of actual pro teams.