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Career & Work 4,381 views Nov 30, 2018
How To Create a Successful Career in Azure Administrator

Azure is cloud computing service advanced by Microsoft for building, testing, deployment as well as management of applications and services happening through the global networks data centers that are managed by Microsoft.

Azure as a platform consists of a collection of several services. The services cater for data scientists, developers, and the information technology experts. It majors on the websites, mobile, and the database. Some deal with analytics

Azure has various web management interfaces which are different. In addition to the two web interfaces, Azure management has added a visual studio. Therefore there are plenty of management options.



To become an Azure administrator takes a great understanding of cloud computing. The learning path equips the information technology experts with the knowledge of cloud computing to advance the administrative skills required to run, manage and maintain an Azure environment successfully.

It starts with the exploration of services offered by Azure and the necessary skills relating to networking and as well as security. It is possible to advance further and to implement Azure resource manage virtual machines and exploring azure site recovery.

To become an administrator takes getting the basic understanding of Azure services, then develop the needed skills to secure Azure deployment. Then be in a position to design business continuity and a disaster recovery strategy. Azure training is the key to gaining knowledge and skills. The following steps are also necessary for the journey to becoming an Azure administrator. 

Learn The Networking Concepts.

It is necessary since more than 5500 companies depend on Azure for reliable and scalable cloud services. Though it may not be enough for creating the host resources, you will need to be in a position to connect to publish the resources on the web.

You will also be required to configure virtual networks and machines for enhanced performance. Networking is one of the most essential tasks that an Azure administrator performs continuously. Given that data storage and sharing is a central part of it, and the administrator is required to understand how to interconnect machines and platforms for best performance.

  Learn to Create and Manage Virtual Machines

Build up your knowledge on azure and broaden your skills through learning how scale, crate and monitor the virtual devices such as implementing storage, deploying workloads and configuring of various networks.

It will enable you to automate your configurations using the extension and also using the virtual machine scale features, securing them while maintaining their availability.

Learn the Azure Security Concepts

Understanding this concept is paramount in securing the cloud contents. It enables you to carry out an in-depth approach in obtaining the data and the transfer concepts applied in the transfer security concepts. Additionally, you get familiar with the security portals as well as their security compliance since as an administrator you are responsible for a high number of authentications.


Becoming skilled in the configuration of the virtual networks, implementing multisite as well as modifications of network connections, this will enable you to do the design and the implementation of the virtual systems, and you will be able to configure solutions to premises as the administrator.

In the modern technology world, data security cannot be underestimated. Gaining skills that help to keep data secure especially on shared platforms is highly regarded. A certified azure administrator can build a successful career creating safe data processes.

Learning the PowerShell

Powershell refers to the shell network advanced by Microsoft for administration purposes like configuration management and the automation of jobs that are repetitive.

It is significant to help you successfully manage the Azure-based services. It won't require you to be a complicated programmer or be able to write complicated programmes with logic. Powershell in the interactive mode in all that you will need to be reasonably active.

Additionally, it takes patience to become successful in Azure. There is a lot of learning involved. Microsoft does a massive work in Azure. The knowledge of storage, virtualization, and networking are some of the things you will need to learn.

It also requires you to the skills necessary to operate the Microsoft Azure-based cloud infrastructure since the administrator is responsible for the implementation, monitoring and the maintenance of azure solutions inclusive of the primary services such as storage, computer, security and the network.


Azure administrators play several roles in advancing computing programming. They have increasingly become important as organizations adopt cloud computing as a way of data sharing and storage. To be successful in the field, you must perfect the skills and master the art for competence in the task. Gradual advancement of the powers is necessary to perform the function effectively.  Microsoft has an elaborate certification process complete with tests and grading to gain Azure certification.

This certification ensures that administrators are well trained and are able to handle their roles accordingly. It also helps to ensure that services are rendered by credible and knowledgeable personnel.

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